Splash and Burn

Splash and Burn is an Artist led initiative using creativity to encourage a wider conversation on unsustainable Palm Oil and the adverse affects this has on the forests and dwindling wildlife population of South East Asia.

Where there’s a wall there’s a way: Artists take aim at Sumatra’s Palm Oil industry.
— Kate Lamb, The Guardian

Our Mission

To curate an ongoing series of public art projects to offer an engaging entry point for the wider global audience. 

The project is curated of Lithuanian Artist Ernest Zacharevic best known for his public works in Georgetown Penang. At his invitation, a number of artists; both local and international have been showing support by donating their time and creativity to the active field campaign; unfolding creative happenings in public spaces across the urban and rural landscape of Sumatra. 

The mission is to keep the issues current and relevant through consistent news reports and quality Art interventions