Axel Void (USA)

Axel Void is a multimedia artist driven by a passionate interest in the art of storytelling. Inspired by real people and their lives, Axels works can have a polarising effect in whatever medium you experience it. But whether exploring the visceral realness of an uncomfortable truth, or the hazy delight of nostalgia the journalistic approach to render each work is Axels search to document truth.

Axels interventions were inspired by the affects Palm farming has on the local communities, many of whom have not experienced life outside of a plantation. Stories paint a picture of a financial bind, a lack of alternative options in propagating the cycle, we forget that these big businesses are made up of people trying to support their families. 

We feel like the palm oil issue is such a distant problem and yet we find it on our front door. I was interested in the people connected with the issue; from the plantation workers to the business men, with ‘us’ the consumers in between. For Splash and Burn I lived with Palm workers and their families in Halaban to tell their story. Empathy reconnects us to the realities the industrial process is designed to distract us from. This is what I hoped to create here.
— Axel Void

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