Isaac Cordal (Spain) 

Palm Oil Plantations, North sumatra

Isaac Cordal is a Spanish sculptor and photographer using miniature creations to explore the relationship between context and content. He cleverly positions his characters among the urban landscape to create poignant political and economic statements 

These small sculptures contemplate the demolition and reconstruction of everything around us. For Splash and Burn they draw attention to the absurdity of our existence. His satirical impressions of the urban landscape can be seen through the experiences of his iconic figure of the man in the suit as he moves through the burning plantations.

Palm oil is as much an investment for ordinary people as big commerce. I am interested in the opportunity Art has in becoming a tool for combat against forces affecting us globally. Splash and Burn appealed to me as it addresses issues of territory destruction for short term economic gain. 

Art speaks of the distance that separates us from beauty and perhaps this central idea is able to preserve physical boundaries of the national parks and work to denounce the corruption saturating the industry
— Isaac Cordal

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