Gabriel Pitcher (UK)

Gabriel Pitcher is a British artist seeking universal truth in moments of ordinary life. Interested in the subconscious and perception, his works can be seen predominantly on walls and through video installations. 

Gabriels contribution to Splash and Burn sees an oversized portrait of an elderly blind woman staring our of her window in the small village in which she lives. The immediate architecture is literally crumbling around her form and while staring out she cannot see for looking. The work seeks to pull attention to the affects of capitalism on community.

This project felt like an opportunity to absorb the enormity of the problems we face globally, but feel so disconnect from in reality. Statistics can feel so abstract when we hear them, Immersed on the ground was an eye opening experience. This piece is a visual portrayal of that disconnect, the woman belonging to this village was partially sighted with her portrait looking out but failing to see the magnitude of the problems before her.
— Gabriel Pitcher

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