Bibichun (Malaysia)


Khor Zew Wey aka Bibichun, is a Malaysian street artist utilising satire and popular culture. He majored in Graphic Design at Tunku Abdul Rahman College, graduating with a Diploma in Mass Communication in 2005.  Bibichun has participated for the mural painting of the Malaysian Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo in PR China in 2010. His works also form part of graffiti collections of the National Art Gallery (Malaysia).

For the project Bibi looked at the flux of socioeconomic climates with the rise of natural resources as commodity. A metaphoric reflection on adaption being the key to survival

During the Splash and Burn project I reflected on the contrast of third world countries against Neocolonialism. How Globalisation affects the socio political and economic landscape, acknowledging the power new resources or industrial development have in manipulating this.
— Bibichun

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